Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is this wrong?

Saturday I completed a triathlon. About 10 minutes into the thing I realised I had undertrained and was willing it to be over. By the time I hauled my sorry carcass over the finish line I was exhausted but extremely proud and happy that I was able to complete the three events without an infarction of any kind.

When I stumbled and wheezed across the finish line 90 minutes later, I was grateful for the young boy that removed my timing chip (there was no way I could have done it myself). And the lovely girl that threw a "finisher" medal around my neck. I was so proud I wore it all the way home. When I went grocery shopping later that day I stuck it in my purse and brought it around with me. In fact, it's still there right now.

My hubby has a problem with this. He says it's vain and arrogant. I say it's not like I'm wearing it around my neck all day. That would be obnoxious. I put in in my bag for my own enjoyment and of course if anyone asks about the race, well, out it comes. I see nothing wrong with that at all. They asked. I'm outgoing but not a complete ass to bring it out without prompting. No, honey, I would never do that. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't somehow encourage them to ask...

He says I'm teaching the kids to be smug. I don't find it the least bit big-headed. I am proud of myself, I worked hard (kinda) and I earned the right to carry it around for a while haven't I? If and when the kids do something to earn a medal, I would definitely urge them to bring it to school or for show and tell. Why not? In our meagre little lives, we deserve the odd pick-me-ups otherwise why keep trudging on and on until the sweet release of death? Besides, if I met a Stanley Cup winning hockey player, I'd want to see his ring. Am I completely off-base with this one?

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