Monday, August 3, 2009

If I was single... food edition

Last week I smelled something really yummy coming from the kitchen at work. One of the boys was making a fancy sandwich using whole wheat bread and what smelled like some kind of meat that he was warming in the microwave. It smelled deeeeelish.

What did I have for lunch that day? Cup-A-Soup. Sigh.

Smelling the yumminess coming from the kitchen had me distracted and thinking: What would I eat for a full day if all I had to worry about was myself? It didn't count for the 3 days that I was on my own a few weeks back since the fridge and pantry was stuffed with things everyone else likes. As is often the case with me, a not-so-closet narcissist, this is all about yours truly.

Here's my dream menu. Eaten piping hot when required and sitting down, remaining in said seat until the entire meal os over:

Bagel with peanut butter and tea. Maybe a bowl of Raisin Bran.

Bacon club sandwich on a kaiser... lots of veggies and onions and peppers. The gastronomic aesthete in me adores fancy sandwiches. The troglodyte in me loves him some bacon.

Order out pizza with anchovies... yes, I'm the one person you know who loves anchovies. I haven't eaten them in 15 years because of this family of mine
Casseroles of any kind (as long as there are no hard boiled egg in them)
Some kind of creme soup or maybe french onion
grocery store sushi
popcorn (Let's face it, I'm alone. Who's going to rat me out?)

Looking back at this list, there's not a lot of cooking here. I have to remind you all that I prefer to bake. But that said, if there's no one to bake a whole cake for, why am I going to try?

Maybe one day I should subject my family to my dream menu. Expand their horizons. There are lots of things I left out like West Indian foods I can't cook and the inevitable times I can't be bothered and eat a sleeve of saltines and a block of cheese, but most of this stuff is doable. And why haven't I been rocking those sandwiches for lunch? I'm getting on this. See, everyone gets a benefit from my blog today.

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