Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lovey!

Today is my Honey's birthday. Here are 47 interesting things about the man I married. Why 47, you ask? Dunno, just a random number. Wink.

I'm aware that 47 things are a lot to get through if you don't know him but this is my blog so tough.

1. He loves me and the kids
2. He fixes stuff around the house. And I mean almost everything from the roof down to the basement floor and everything in between
3. He makes a mean pie crust
4. He's got 11 toes (I said these were interesting, not that I liked them)
5. He's got a terrific family (I mean sisters and brothers... not us. Well us too but... oh nevermind)
6. He makes me laugh every day
7. He puts up with my constant stream of shit and abuse
8. He pays the bills and only yells a little when I spend too much
9. He's got 2 motorcycles and looks really hot in his blue jacket
10. He lets me drive the car while he takes the bus
11. His eyes twinkle
12. He's good at math
13. He lets me have control of the tv in the livingroom
14. He gives good hugs
15. He's really handy with computers
16. He's got lots of cool scar/accident stories
17. His birthday is 3 days before mine
18. He plays hockey and never gets tired of telling me that he can keep up with the 20 year olds
19. He hates tattoos but doesn't moan (too much) whenever I show up with a new one
20. He likes my hair even though it's 1/8" long
21. He likes Star Trek
22. He got me into Coronation Street
23. Wow, 47 is a lot
24. Just checking to see if you're still reading
25. He likes my cooking
26. His eyebrows sometimes look like vine tendrils (again, interesting, not like)
27. Five words: Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
28. He can't set the timer on the PVR
29. He's got a fake front tooth
30. He pinches and squeezes the people he loves (excellent Grandpa potential)
31. He's a Monty Python fan
32. He's a chubby chaser... well, he chases me around, anyway
33. He's photogenic
34. He's got a feminine-strength sweet tooth
35. He sneezes in the sunshine or bright lights
36. He almost completely quit smoking!
37. He gets restless legs
38. He's got a nearly completely inactive Facebook page
39. When I sneak down and try to catch him doing something unseemly on the computer in his office, he's always either watching airplane footage, checking real estate, playing flight sim, scanning eBay or on some classic motorcycle site.
40. I'll always be older than me. HA.
41. He never reads my blog
42. He's easily irritated by technology
43. He prefers books about true stories
44. He's awesome... seriously, he is very well liked
45. He has an easy smile and a great laugh
46. He married me (what's not to like about that?)
47. He's a happy man (at least he's putting on a great show)

So happy birthday to the best man I know. It sounds trite but I'm serious. I think he's pretty great.

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