Monday, June 8, 2009

What a weekend

I just had another busy weekend. So many people ask why my favourite day of the week is Monday. It's because I need a break from this:

8-10am: baked a batch of cookies for Sunday's bake sale
10-3pm: went grocery shopping (3 stores and a million errands)
3pm-6pm: cooked a dinner I wouldn't be eating
6-9pm: met the girls for dinner and drinks
10-11:30: baked a batch of brownies for Sunday's bake sale

9:45-11:30am: took Audrey to her horseback riding lesson
12-3pm: open house at the canoe club where I delegated the bake sale table
3:30-4:30: napped. Don't judge me
4:30-5:50: cooked a dinner that I wouldn't be eating
6:30-8:30pm: back to the canoe club for dragonboat practice

Thank goodness for Mondays. Otherwise I wouldn't get any rest at all. 

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