Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something I've got to face about designer shoes

I love shoes. I'd rather have nice shoes than a nice outfit since great shoes can dress up even the casualest of casual Fridays. I have over 60 pairs. Although I can't afford designer shoes, I often try to convince myself that I'd rather have cheap throw-away shoes than one pair of designer since the style may go out and I'll be stuck with a grand's worth of purple wedges or something. This is what I tell myself. Here's the reality:

If I was to buy a pair of designer shoes, I'd be damn sure to get a neutral pair of black pumps that's never go out of style. That's why I'm so stuck on the Louboutins since the only way you could tell them apart from a Payless shoe without taking them off would be the oh so distinctive red sole. But that's neither here nor there. Reality has slapped me in the face.

I've always had a problem with heels. They've never been comfortable. Often I'll buy a size 9 or even a 10 to get an okay fit. The last week I thought for shits and giggles that I'd measure my feet using an online tool. They're actually a size 8. That's not the bad news. But they're extra wide. That is the bad news. Because designer shoes don't only cheat small but narrow too. I think my dream of dancing all night in my gorgeous Loubs has been shattered. It's replaced by my precious coveted footwear in a pile on the floor with me dancing around them barefoot like I'm participating in a pagan ritual.

The above "shoes" (and I use the term loosely) may be the sexiest available for my flippers. My heart hurts. I guess I'll just keep cramming them into inappropriate sizes and pray that I don't get bunions or a hump later in life. At least I have my health...

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