Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 idiosyncrasies

Audrey and I were having a conversation about books. She was saying that she was reading a really long novel right now and it had x number of pages. I replied that it doesn't matter to me how long to book is but how long each chapter is. I told her that it was one of  my idiosyncrasies to read a complete chapter in one sitting. I'll flip through to the end of a chapter to judge the length and figure out the time it'll take to read so I don't have to stop in the middle (or fall asleep) . So it doesn't matter how long the book is, just the chapters. She wanted to know some of my other idiosyncrasies so naturally here some of them are in my blog:

1. Can't drink out of styrofoam cups
2. Hate the sound of semi dry markers on construction paper (if you think it happens rarely, try my chosen career as daycare teacher)
3. Hate mascots (my heart races and I feel like crying)
4. Won't use utensils with attached wooden/plastic handles... the cooties hide in there)
5. Won't write with anything other than a blue pen
6. I need a clean mouth before I eat and I won't eat after I brush my teeth at night... even if I brush at 6pm
7. Can't drink out of a can
8. I drink warm water (I hate ice cold drinks except for martinis)
9. Things have to be in round numbers. I couldn't post 9 of these. Remember the chapter book is one so it's actually 10.

I love these personal weirdnesses, don't you? It makes a person unique. I'd love to hear some of yours...

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