Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Henri Matisse according to Henry Kaye

I love when I can have an intelligent conversation with my kids. Supposedly Henry is learning about Matisse in school. I think it sticks mostly because they have the same name but who cares why? He actually taught me something about the man. All I knew was that he was a french artist. Here's what he told me. I'll post a wiki link when I'm done:

1. He didn't paint, he did arts and crafts (he did paint but this was Henry's take)
2. He hurt his leg and couldn't walk. He went to a home and that's where he did his crafts (cool)
3. He married a model (it was actually his model... you know, the arty pose kind)
4. He painted with scissors (huh? I didn't get this until I read the wiki)
5. He had a beard and looked angry (hee.)

Henry's take on the lesson was pretty good. I had no idea he did collages. There's nothing like learning from your kids. Oh, and Henry's favourite work of Henri's? Beasts of the Sea.

I'm so proud.

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