Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm a dude

Okay, last week's drinks post now this realisation. I think I was meant to be a man. I have a deep voice, huge feet, am pretty stocky and have no waist/hips ratio. The only thing whoever made me overcompensated for was my boobs that were so big I had to have a good deal of them removed.

I was looking through a flyer for Father's Day and I realise that everything in it was stuff I wanted. Flat screen TVs, a usb record player that'll put your vinyl onto CDs, a usb video player that'll turn your VCR tapes into DVDs, digital cameras... even bikes and running shoes. I was slobbering over everything before I realised it was meant for dads. After all these years I'm finally facing the fact that there's a reason I have to wax my upper lip. No wonder I never understood those "men stealing the TV remote" jokes. It's because it's always in my hand. I'm the dude. 

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