Monday, June 22, 2009

Ever wonder how recognisable you are?

I work in a place where very often strangers come in. I sit right at the reception desk and smile graciously as they approach my desk. Just the other day a man came in and said something like "I'm back again!". I looked him dead in the face and could have sworn I've never seen him in my life before. He had been here (just the day before) but I wouldn't have been able to pick the guy out of a lineup.

So how recognisable are we to other people? Is it because we look like someone that we're remembered? A conversation? A smell, even? I find that when I describe my husband it always sounds the same. White, about 5'9, 185 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes. I'm sure that covers at least a couple million guys. In fact it perfectly describes the guy who sparked this blog today.

Not to be vain about it, I'm pretty sure I'm recognisable. I'm black (in an environment that's mostly white), I'm bald, I'm loud and ummmm... juicy. I'm pretty sure that even though you may not like me or you don't remember my name, you'll remember meeting me. Seriously, I'm not bragging here.

So what do you do to make yourself memorable?

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