Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I had enough energy after Saturday's events (another reason why I can't wait to do this again) to take the kids to the RedBull Flugtag on Sunday afternoon. Two and a half hours in the hot sun of watching people literally jumping in a river. You would not believe how much fun this was.

I'd seen this before just on tv and video clips so I knew what to expect. People who worked all summer to make a human powered gliding machine that really had no hope of flying but sure did put on a good show. What I didn't expect was the mini plays they put on, many involving the team knocking out one member and attaching him to the doomed craft before they pushed it of a nearly 3 storey drop. The teams had music, themes (monkeys and bananas or Sex and the City, etc.), some even had dance routines. The whole thing was so entertaining that I could almost forgive the organisers for running out of water halfway through the thing so that all we had to drink was RedBull. Hm.

So if this comes to your town, it's free (except for the $2.50 water or RedBull) and you should go. We laughed our asses off and had a great afternoon.

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