Friday, August 15, 2008

As usual, my Friday/weekend plans verge on the ridiculous

My dad was supposed to come tomorrow for a surprise birthday celebration. While I was at work yesterday he called Scott to tell him that he's coming today instead. Scott, completely man-like, said fine. FINE? Aaargh! That means the trip I was planning to take with the kids to the nearby chocolate factory is out and it's all hands on deck for cooking and cleaning as we only have about 8 hours to do what I thought we could do in 24. Why, oh why did Scott throw me under the bus? And what about dad's wife Frances? She knows about this surprise thing. She's a woman. Aren't we supposed to stick together? Grr.

So now I have to clean the house, bake a coconut cake, clean the rabbit cage, blow up the air mattress, do laundry, grocery shop, buy a birthday present and basically pull out what little remaining hair I have to prepare for this stupid thing. And when my dad comes he stays for the entire weekend. I can't wait until Monday...

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