Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Fun!

So I had a really fun birthday yesterday despite where I thought it was going to go. Last year when I turned 40 and went to the Lookout on Cabaret Night (look it up on Facebook... good times) it was amazing. Nothing could compare.

But this year took the cake. Almost literally. Scott volunteered me to bake a 30th birthday cake for my niece.  I decided to make her my favourite cake so at least there'd be a teeny focus on me. Hey, she may be 30 but it was my day too.

So when cake time arrived, they bring out 2 flaming cakes. I think "why did they have me bake a cake if they already had one?" Then they put one of them in front of me. Heh. Oops. So much for my magnanimousness.

So that was the family do. Did I mention that Scott bought me that iPod Nano? It's really pretty and silver and Already loaded with Dr. Horrible. Sigh.

Then it was off to dragonboat practice. I thought I was going to be late but I hoped on all my birthdays that they wouldn't leave without me. 15 minutes later, they were still on the dock getting instructions from coach Bevin. Yay! When they found out it was my birthday (okay, I told them) they made me paddle the boat alone while they sang me the birthday song. Have you seen the size of these boats? Plus there are 22 people in it. Cute. I bet they'd be surprised to know that I loved every second of it. Ha.

A great day. I love my birthday!
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