Monday, May 28, 2007

Secret 5k

Usually I crow on and on about my terrible training habits and the fact that I really don't train just read magazines on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. Well, I still signed up for that 5k and ran it on Saturday. After we had a brutal dragonboat practice a few hours before. I really should have skipped the practice. It totally kicked my ass and as a result I ran the slowest 5k of my life. Complete with some humiliating walking.

But if I'm going to be honest, if I hadn't walked I would have matched or even bettered my old times. And I still had a really good time and was totally satisfied that I was able to do those two really athletic things in one day.

Because I raced alone this year (my running buddy Julie was otherwise occupied) I hung around to see the winners of the 10k which was run 30 minutes after the 5. These people aren't called "elite" for nothing. I watched them leave the start-line then went to the bleachers, found a comfy seat that waited all of 5 minutes before they started crossing the line. Amazing. The first across the line ran 10k almost 20 minutes faster than I could run 5. Absolutely incredible. And humbling. They run like they were being chased by wild animals. I could keep up that pace for about 45 feet, truth be told.

So I have today off of work (not enough bags came in on the weekend) so instead of doing housework I'm going to rest my vibrating quads and watch junky tv. Happy Monday to you! Oh, and GO SENS GO!

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