Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm grammatically irritated

Yes, I know I'm not top barrel racer at the grammar rodeo but it still drives me nuts when I see official paper come home from the kids' school with simple grammatical errors. I sentence fragment all the time and commit various other heinous infractions but hey, we're all friends here. Besides, maybe it's like when you see abstract art. The artist had to paint tons of baskets of fruit and flowers before his blue handprint on a white background could be accepted. Correct grammar could be like that. You could be allowed to trash grammar rules if you know you're doing it. Case in point:

I got a letter last week from the principal of the school. This is the first sentence:

"Your child may have already told you about an upcoming event that they have been asked to sing at."

Whaa? You're kidding, right? Even speaking that aloud sounds awkward. Granted, the alternative ("Your child may have already told you about an upcoming event at which they have been asked to sing.") sounds dorky but I think it's more correct. Isn't it? I may be wrong. I wouldn't think twice if she verbally said that to me but having a note sent home to 70 families? Sorry, but I'd be embarrassed.

And don't get me started on people who pronounce the word mischievous "miss-CHEE-vee-us". Why? Where does the extra "eee" sound come from? Grrrr.... Hey, I asked you not to get me started.

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