Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I did it

You may remember the incident a few weeks ago when I went to South Keys Cinema instead of Silver City and missed the premiere of "Reign Over Me". Well, last night I had premiere tickets to see "Waitress" at Silver City and made it there in one piece, only getting a little bit mixed up. Nevertheless, I made it and saw a really cute movie. Yay me.

The movie itself was just the kind of thing I love. A sweet romantic comedy. It had all the best elements: adorable lead actress (Keri Russell, the fab former Felicity), 2 funny best friends, A dick of a husband and an sexy love affair with the handsome (Canadian!) Nathan Fillion from Firefly. Nummy. If you're into these kind of chick flicks, this one is for you. Also, if you like pies, you'll be drooling.

There's also a tragic real life twist. Adrienne Shelly who wrote, directed and starred as one of the friends was murdered. She never got to see this movie in wide release. Such a shame. I hate to see such potential go to waste. And she had a husband and child too. So sad.
So go see the movie. It'd be a nice tribute to her.

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