Monday, May 7, 2007

Mother's Day is coming

Have you thought about what you're going to do for her? I'll tell you one thing. Most of us do NOT want to spend time with the family. We want a spa day with a friend or some quiet shopping time. For herself. Not for groceries.

I find it odd we're mothers because of husbands and children but when it comes to celebrating the day we want to spend it blissfully alone. At least I do.

Here are my 2 lists. One is for ridiculous things in case we win the lottery between now and Saturday. The other is the one the family actually will choose from:

My "ya RIGHT" list:
*Day at the spa*Louboutin leopard peep toe high heeled shoes (these make it to every list)
*.5 carat diamond stud earrings
*KitchenAid Artisan mixer, any colour (hey, I'm not picky)
*Front loading washer and dryer and (why not?) an oven with accurate temperature gauge. I'm just saying.

My "Real" list:
*Pair of black jeans from Marks Work Wearhouse
*Bottle of OPI nail polish (the names crack me up)
*Clean perfume lotion in Fresh Laundry scent
*A meal I don't have to cook
*A day alone in the house to do as I please

See? Simple. Just make sure After my breakfast in bed of Eggos burnt yet still frozen in the middle and tea sloshed over the tray that you bugger off and leave me alone. Thanks, guys. Love you!


PS: Oh, and check out my profile... I put on my favourite Barats and Bereta video in honour of the big day.
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