Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hard hitting questions answered

So I was reading People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful issue and they had an interview with Drew Barrymore. There was a section called "Drew Fills In The Blanks..." that I thought would be fun to answer from a suburban mum point of view. In other words...

"Karen Fills In The Blanks..."

The first time I wore makeup was... when I was about 14. I was one of those girls who had to bring makeup to school and put it on in the bathroom, washing it off before I got home. Luckily my mother sold makeup at the time so I could take her samples for free.

Even though I'm considered beautiful I still can't... get out of a speeding ticket.

I wash my face every... morning and night.

I wash my hair every... day. You'd think I wouldn't because of my short 'do but I'm paranoid about dandruff.

I blow-dry my hair... Ya right. Never.

People compliment me on my... skin

If I could change anything about my looks, it'd be... my weight.

I covet... a flat stomach.

If someone opened my medicine cabinet, they'd find... tons of empty bottles and unfilled prescriptions.

The last thing I ate late at night was... I don't eat late at night.

When I walk the red carpet, I tell myself to... wake up, fatty! You're dreaming in Technicolour.

When I get a zit I... put toothpaste on it. I heard that somewhere. Not sure if it works but it gives me some power.

The makeup products that I can't live without are... lipstick/gloss/chapstick.

Before every magazine cover shoot I... pray that my alarm clock doesn't go off.

My guilty pleasure is... Doritos, Archie Comics Digests and tv.

I love my hair when it's... fluff free

When people meet me for the first time they're surprised by... my energy. Even I'm surprised that I can keep it up.

I love my... tattoos

I laugh about my... toenail polish that is always co-ordinated with my outfit.

I wake up looking like... the same as I went to bed. Only grumpier.

I go to sleep looking like... the same as I woke up. Only sleepier.

My 30s are for... reminiscing about

When I'm 60 I hope I look like... my mother did. All round and jolly and happy.


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