Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another stupid hockey blog

Can I get a woohoo? The Senators have won yet another game against the Buffalo Sabres making it 3 in a row. In a best of 7 series. It looks as if we may make the Cup final for the first time in 80 years. How can that not rock?

I'll tell you how. Behold the grizzled face I have to look at day and night. Scott has been growing his beard since the playoffs started about a month ago. He looks (as the kids put it... "scrubbily"). Thankfully he's not too keen on it either. He says it itches. I think with the white in it it makes him look 10 years older. But he can't shave it now, our team needs him. But we sure will party when he does. Sooner or later... hopefully later. I guess.

Please excuse his odd expression. I snuck up on him...

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