Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You know, I've been thinking

A dangerous activity for one as brain-challenged as myself...

I love this blog. I love the people that read it. But I've been doing this for over a year on a nearly daily basis. It takes a bit of time to come up with ideas and links and honestly, with a house as busy as mine, this thing may need to be pared down a bit. Maybe to one really good blog once a week instead of five crappy ones every weekday. What do you think? Would you think any less of me?

I'm not sure when I'll do it. Maybe next week, maybe this summer, maybe never. I don't know... I just want this to be fun and funny and I'm starting to feel pressure and stress to produce something good for you and that's not cool.

I'm just feeling blocked today. It could just be a raging case of PMS and I'll be over it in the morning. At any rate, I wrote a blog today, didn't I? Huh. Maybe I can do this after all. I've got to stop this new thinking thing. I'll just shut up and write.

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