Monday, March 19, 2007

You know what is a fun family activity?

I'll tell you what. Not watching the movie Titanic. Saturday night the movie came on tv but the kids missed the beginning then had to go to bed before anything really happened. They seemed to really want to watch it so I promised I'd throw on the video (which I own) the next night. I honestly thought they'd forget. How many times will it take before I learn this lesson? Elephants never forget. And I have a some real Dumbos here.

So yesterday afternoon we all snuggle together on the couch to view the wonder and magic that is James Cameron's magnum opus. Nearly four hours later, 2/3 of the children are beside themselves (Henry and Audrey) and Elliott is surreptitiously swiping his face with his sleeve. Who knew they'd pay attention? I thought they'd see a rip-roaring adventure story but they got it. They got the romance and the loss and the sheer scope of what happened on that ship. I was impressed. And seeing them cry made me cry too. Again.

We spent almost the whole night talking about the story... what parts were true and what parts were made up. They seemed really interested. Henry even made a model of the Titanic out of his wooden blocks. Sometimes during the evening, Audrey would get all quiet with faraway eyes. It's funny how one minute you have 3 babies and the next you have a bunch of sensitive little people who really shouldn't be watching a man drawing a naked, reclining woman. Oops. So how was your weekend?