Friday, March 16, 2007

Mabel Eliza Anthony

She would have been 73 today. She was my mum and she died of stomach cancer 12 years ago. I miss her like crazy every day. Some random things I remember about her:

* Even though she sometimes snorted when she laughed, it was still really infectious
* She did an extremely politically incorrect imitation of someone speaking Chinese
* She had a salt and pepper afro that I hope to inherit someday
* She had the most enormous boobs of any living being I've ever seen
* She was exactly 5 feet tall
* Her nails were always daggerlike and polished to perfection
* She always had food stains on her clothes
* She was an awesome cook... I wish I had her recipe for bakes
* She was a great hugger and gave noisy, wet kisses with her gorgeous thick lips
* She rocked muumuus and huge earrings (think Mrs. Roper)
* She was a happy person and of all the things I inherited from her, I'm most grateful for that

Happy Birthday Mumsie. Daddy, Mike and I are sending up special wishes to you today.
Your daughter,