Friday, March 30, 2007

Hey! It's a normal day, right?

I'm off work today because the kids are off school. So you can see why I've forgotten until now to do my bloggy duty.

I've already made 2.5 batches of cookies (chocolate chocolate chip, plain chocolate chip and the sugar cookies are in the oven) and a load of laundry so I'm busy as a beaver. so what I thought I'd do is copy an excerpt of my diary from 1989 so you can see what kind of complete dork I was back then. Have fun and have a great weekend!


"Thursday March 30 1989
12:25am- Today was a general washout. Wendy (1) called this morning to find out where I was yesterday (2). I told her I left the employment agency too late for me to meet her. She told me that the place she had lined up was the Stanley Tavern (3). HA! I'd think twice about any bar-- let alone a bar that my compatriots and compadres (4) frequent! It is to laugh. Fate smiled on me for once.

Kathy (5) gave me a cardiac arrest a few minutes ago by tapping on the front door (6). When I opened the curtain, her face was hovering outside. Anyway, she wanted to know if I could go to Simply Red and I had to explain to her that for me "money's too tight to mention" (to quote a red headed sage) (7).

Scott will be here tomorrow (8) so that should alleviate some of this monetary black cloud by taking my mind off it (sic). I'm planning our itinerary. Sort of. What is there to do in Montréal that doesn't involve getting piss drunk and spending the night at Dunn's afterward 'cause you couldn't remember which bus takes you home? (9)"

(1) Who?
(2) A quick scan of yesterday's diary tells me I was going on a job hunt with this Wendy person at 3:30pm today.
(3) An unimaginable dive back then. I'm talking lumber jackets, deer heads, pickled tongues in a jar... think Moe's Tavern without the irony.
(4) Who talks like that??
(5) My best friend who lived next door who now lives in the UK.
(6) Keep in mind it's around midnight
(7) Again, who talks like that?
(8) This was Scott's first visit to Montréal to meet my parents
(9) Are you KIDDING? This is Montréal for goodness sake! This is the typical 21 year old mindset.