Thursday, March 29, 2007

Remember how I complained about my dreams?

Do you recall how I used to say that I hated my dreams because they're so mundane (losing my keys or desperately trying to find something)? Well as of last night I take all that back.
For the first time ever I remembered 3 different dreams that I had last night. All three stressed me out in different ways. All 3 were about as different from my usual dreams as chalk and cheese.

Dream #1
Let's call this one "Bus Tour To The Tower Of Babel". I was on a school bus taking a tour of an unknown foreign city. Everyone was speaking french. I can speak french but in my dream I had no idea what anyone was saying. I just kept getting more and more frustrated while people spoke to and about me without me understanding.

Dream #2
This one I'll call "The Marathon Mama". I was eating and noticed that all my chewing teeth were loose. I went to the bathroom an opened my mouth. All my molars were hanging by a thread so in my infinite dreamlike wisdom I decided to take out the nail scissors and snip those threads. I spent a lot of time spitting my bloody teeth into the sink, never panicking or getting grossed out. Keep in mind I'm completely grossed out just typing this. When I was done I only had 8 front teeth left. I was disappointed in the final result because my face looked different. My cheeks were sunken in and I realised I couldn't eat solid food anymore.

Dream #3
"The Comedy Relief". I was in the audience at American Idol and one of the performances was Sanjaya and his sister belting out the Meatloaf classic "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". A nightmare on so many levels.

When the alarm went off at 5am for my biweekly jaunt to the gym, I was never more grateful and bounded out of bed. I feel like never going to sleep again.