Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Fog

This morning I drove to the gym in the thickest fog in memory. Definitely since I've started driving. You know when Scully and Mulder would walk into an abandoned warehouse and turn on their flashlights? That was what my headlights looked like. Did you know that they don't point straight ahead? They point at each other like a point of a triangle. I had no idea. Like my dad always says, you learn something new every day.

So I finally find my fog-lights (after a few minutes of fumbling) and turn them on because as everyone knows you don't use your brights in the fog even though you're tempted to. When I turned down the road with no streetlights, I started to freak myself out. I could only see up to the top of the headlights. That's it. I couldn't see anything else. Honestly. I couldn't see the highway ahead or the woods around me and it seemed like the windows were painted white. Spoooooooky.

Ever read the old short story "The Other Side Of The Fog" by Stephen King? It's rare but if you find it be sure to check it out. I kept picturing giant spiders with skin dissolving webs just outside the car windows. I know it was ridiculous but the story is seriously weird and it was 5:15 and I'd only been awake 20 minutes.

Well I got to the gym in one piece and by the time I drove back it had dissipated. No need for fog-lights, no giant spiders. But lots of feeling silly, though.