Friday, March 2, 2007

I'm back!

It was very weird to realize I hadn't written a blog yesterday. In fact, After I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up, did all my nightly ablutions and was just about to get into bed for the night when I remembered. I could have just gone off to sleep, but writing here every day is so ingrained in me that I'd lie awake all night composing something. I wrote the throwaway blog of late last night. Twice.

Anyway, today is another day and here I am. I should be at work right now but there's a wicked snowstorm happening and they've warned people off the roads and stopped the schoolbuses. Remember the good old days when they actually closed the whole school? Now because of taxes or funding or some such nonsense, the buses don't run but the school stays open. Unfortunately for 2/3 of my kids they walk and I ordinarily send them anyway (cue evil laughter) but I didn't send them today for 2 reasons. One: I'd have to stay home alone with Henry, who does take the bus and thus is home anyway, playing Jenga, Barrel of Monkeys, Pick Up Sticks and other infantile games until I want to put my head in the oven. Keeping Elliott and Audrey home today is instant (and much better, I might add) company for Henry. Two: Once I heard the buses weren't running I just couldn't drag my sorry butt out of bed before 8am which was too late to get them ready. Oh well.

So here's the plan. Fobbing the kids off on each other for as long as I can. When they start kick-fighting each other on the couch, it'll be movie time. After the movie's over, I'll get them all dressed and we (and by that I mean they) can play in the new fallen snow. Ah, yes. The perfect snow day.