Thursday, March 22, 2007

South Keys, Silver City. Same thing, right?


Well, I totally Karenned up last night. Last week I won a pair of tickets to see the preview of that new Adam Sandler movie Reign Over Me. Cool. The problem was my sense of direction.

My friend Norah and I leave with just enough time to make the show and arrive at South Keys wondering where all the people are. It was as dead as a movie theatre on a Wednesday night. We take our tickets to the box office where the girl looks at us like we've sprouted leaves. As we walk back to the car I read the ticket again. Wednesday the 21st, check. Reign Over Me, check. Silver City Cinema, check. UH OH. Well, this is embarrassing.

So we head off to the real theatre only to arrive 10 minutes late and find the show sold out. Apparently they overprint the passes so they can fill the showing. So Norah and I spent 1/2 an hour driving all over unfamiliar parts of town only to not see the movie at all. Good times. To wash away any lingering humiliation I spent $70 on tops at a nearby store before we went home.

So at least it wasn't a wasted trip. And I convinced Norah that chatting and hanging out together this way was much better than a movie. I mean we were able to catch up properly. You know how they frown on talking in the theatre, right? Guys? Helloooo?