Monday, August 19, 2013

Whatever happened to the "good old days"?

I silently crept up the last flight of stairs and peeped carefully around the corner. There they were. My prey. One long and lanky, one curly-haired, both with a high concentration in their various electronic devices. They were mine. As I took aim with my rubber band guns I fired.

One shot lands slightly wide of its mark. A look of surprise and shock slowly spreads across her face. The other weapon's projectile (in my stronger hand) hits my victim square in the afro. Success!

I came around the corner and the kids marvelled at how I launched the rubber bands. Really? Had I not taught them this already? I tried to show them for probably 15 minutes, they barely got it then gave up and went back to their devices. Cue failure music.

Remember when we spent hours playing with nothing but junk and crap (not literally) we found outside? Remember blowing annoying (and loud!) grass horns? What happened to having an absolute ball with absolutely nothing? It's a lost art I tells ya...

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