Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rain = Fun

I have to admit I love a rainy day. I'll also admit that I love the excuse to stay inside when it's raining. You can watch a video, go to a movie or go to a museum without feeling guilty about spending a gorgeous sunny day indoors.

I love a warm rain. The air is damp and muggy, puddles are super fun to splash in and you have the potential for an excellent cracker of a thunderstorm. So great. When I really dislike a summer rain is when it rains during a dragonboat festival.

Last year we had the worst rainstorm in recent memory and it happened on a day where it was necessary to spend 8 hours of it under a tent. Try to picture over 30 people with chairs and coolers and at least 3 big dogs huddling under a tent that looks like this:

Plus a driving rain that was like standing clothed under a shower, crazy wind and frequent lightning that sets the whole event back as we wait for it to pass. Rain sluiced past our feet like little rivers and the smell under that tent, even though it wasn't enclosed, was a nasty mix of armpit and wet dog. It was the only time that I could call a dragonboat festival miserable. Because there isn't just one word for the-fricking-worst-possible-day-to-be-paddling-except-for-maybe-the-day-that-Noah-left.

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