Friday, August 2, 2013

Saw an old friend today

We went to a very big high school and when I say big, I mean there were about 500 kids in the graduating class alone. That big. Our school had a full kitchen, an auto shop, radio and tv station facilities. See? Big.

Anyway, Nathalie and I were in the same graduating class in 1984 (what?) and knew of each other but we never hung out together. When we signed up to facebook we found each other, but left it at that. In the winter she saw all the hats and headbands that I posted and asked me to make something for her cousin. I did but wondered if I'd ever see her to hand it over.

Well she called last week, and we finally made plans. When she came over today it was as if we were best friends all through high school. We talked about old times and old friends and our lives now. We laughed and laughed, and she was positive and fabulous. It really made me wish I'd known how awesome she was nearly 30 (holy crap) years ago.

It's a lot like when you meet a fellow countryman when you're travelling. You instantly become fast friends just because you share the same place of birth.

It was super amazingly great to see you, Nat, and I'm looking forward to doing the Run or Dye with you at the end of the month. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. And a long long time coming...

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