Thursday, July 11, 2013

The force was with us

Yesterday the family and I went to the Star Wars Identities exhibit at our local museum. It was interesting because while it had a lot of costumes, memorabilia and interesting facts about the series, it was more of an examination of personalities and what makes you you.

As you wandered through the show you saw, interspersed with costumes from the movies and video clips, little movies about DNA, nature versus nurture and the effect of culture on who we are. Do you know the best way in the world to hide a dry sociology class? Stick it in a Darth Vader costume.

You were issued bracelets at the beginning of the tour and throughout you were asked questions about the species you want to be, your friends and even your job. At each question station you held your bracelet to your multiple choice answer and at the end they project the resulting alien on a wall.

The very last question was which side you wanted to join. As a purely sociological experiment I of course joined the Dark Side. Check out my chosen mentor Darth Maul and the haze of red evil energy around me. I just couldn't help myself.

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