Friday, July 19, 2013

Stupid, mutinous body

I went shopping with Audrey yesterday and lost my balance on some stairs. I didn't fall, I just lost my balance and waved my arms around a bit to regain it. That was it. What resulted was a humiliating twist of my ankle or Achilles tendon or something that 20 years ago I would have laughed off while cleanly executing a half gainer onto the bottom stair. Today, as it stands in my advanced old age, I've had it slathered in unguents, elevated and wrapped to within an inch of its life. Woe is me. Sometimes you feel so young and vibrant then something happens to remind you that you are going to be half a century in less than 4 years.

What do I say to my kids? You get what you get and you don't get upset. Here are some good things about my twisted ankle:

-I didn't have to couldn't run
-I took it easy today. I only made 8 loaves of challah and a trifle
-I sat on the computer and combed through everyone's photos of SDCC day 1. And I mean everyone's
-I watched Robin Hood Men in Tights and remembered how much I loved it
-I listened to some podcasts
-I sat outside in the rain (under the house eaves)

So all in all it was a terrific day ankle or no ankle. Take that broken down old body.


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