Monday, July 29, 2013

So It looks like I'm not as much of a complainer as I thought

So I've been wearing my 13 Whiny Band (for want of a better term) bracelets for a few days now, and I only had to move them over for the first time yesterday. But I had to do it four times over the course of an hour. Heh. Apparently I complain a lot during dragonboat practice. If I remember correctly it would have been about the weather, the intensity of the practice (x2) and the bulkiness of my pfd or something.

Yesterday was the only time in the last few days that I've been around people. Apparently I discovered that complaining in this house gets me nowhere since I obviously don't do it here. But look out, world. When I'm among others I really vent my spleen.

So I apologise in advance, and I do realise that this entire blog was a complaint about complaining, but according to what I've read, it only counts if you speak them. So there.


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