Thursday, July 25, 2013

I won!

That's the feeling everyone gets, isn't it, when you "win" an auction? But all you really win is the opportunity to buy the thing. But it's still exciting nonetheless.

So I won a silent auction for passes for 5 to the Museum of Civilisation. It is the jewel in the crown of museums around here with displays about native Canadians, and Canada in general, geographically, physically and politically. I know, it sounds boring but like most museums, they couch it in such interesting displays and interactive doodads so you can easily spend half the day staring up a totem pole without noticing. The actual price of admission would have been $65 for all of us so my "win" of $50 was a fairly good deal.

I also won another auction that day. It was the Dragonboat Festival, and on day 1 I was so excited to be there, that I ran through the auction tent signing my name to nearly everything not expecting to win. Heh. Anyway, this one was an actual deal. It's for a mani/pedi at a spa. Apparently it was a $50 value and the person who originally won didn't answer their phone so they went to the next lucky bidder who was me at $10. Ten dollars! What a steal. Now that was a win.

So I guess I really am lucky today. I should totally spring for a lotto ticket.


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