Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't you wish you were my neighbour?

I'm feeling very generous this week so for Shabbat (Friday) I'm going to bake challahs for everyone I know on the street. Before you freak out, thinking I'll be slaving in a hot kitchen all day, I only know 8 families on the street. That's only 4 batches. Two tomorrow and 2 Friday.

Baking bread is super easy. Just read what the recipe says and follow it exactly. I often wonder when people say they can't cook. Ummm... can't you read? Just follow the recipe. When I say I can't cook, I mean I can't just go into the kitchen and make up something on the fly from the contents of my fridge. This isn't Chopped, you know. But I can read quite well, actually, and very often, I'll go to my favourite recipe website and slavishly replicate what they've laid out. Hey, it works for me.

Anyway, back to the challah. They'll all get a mini loaf with sesame seeds (much like the photo above of my previous handiwork) and they'l lavish me with hugs and veggies from their gardens. It's the way I measure my worth. By the appreciation I get for my baking.

See? Who needs therapy when I have a blog? And an oven.

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