Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I need to act my age

Signs I need to act my age which will be 46 in 17 days:

*The last 2 movies I saw in the theatre were Despicable Me 2 and Pacific Rim. Both were my idea and I had to drag the kids. Oh yeah, I loved them.

*I wear Converse runners and proudly own 11 pairs

*I own more nerdy tee shirts and skinny jeans than your garden variety, latte slurping hipster

*And speaking of hipsters, my everyday glasses look a lot like the 3D glasses you get at the multiplex. But at least those act their age... they're bifocals. I wish I was kidding.

*I regularly have Mackelmore songs stuck in my head

*Teletoon is one of my favourite channels. I mean have you ever watched Adventure Time? Seriously, do yourself a favour. It's weird and nonsensical and completely wonderful.

*I would never ever EVER eat vegetables again if I didn't have to set a good example for my children and, you know, to not have rickets or something

*I can't stop checking my emails, Facebook and twitter and I'm never more than a foot away from my iPod.

But you know what?  Maybe I want to come hobbling out of my 40s in a youthful state of mind. I work with preschool kids so I need to have a light, positive attitude. Plus trying to fit into those damned skinny jeans makes me at least try to keep fit (and eat mostly healthy) so I don't look like an overstuffed polska kielbasa.

And I actually like Thrift Shop.

Besides, my traitorous body constantly reminds me of how old I am every morning when I have to rock my body to get out of bed. And not in the cool Justin Timberlake kind of way. Or when I throw out my back trying to tie up those flipping Cons. When did they get so far away from my sadly grasping hands?


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