Monday, July 15, 2013

Blissfully alone

Scott is a budding entrepreneur who works out of the house. Two thirds of my children are here underfoot (the other third is away at camp) sitting mutely and lazily on the computer most days. I, of course, am off for the summer. While this seems like a summer of Saturdays to most outsiders, it's not so much fun fr me. Gone are the days when I was home alone for at least 6 hours when I could sit mutely and lazily on the computer most days. Now I have to make up little jobs and actually do them every day so that I don't look as lazy as I want to be. And in fact actually am inside.

So anyway, the kids that aren't at camp went camping with their father yesterday. Can I tell you how delighted I am about this? They're gone until tomorrow night. It's different being alone in your own house rather that away on a trip. I can wake up late in my own bed (which I did), watch trashy tv (which I also did), walk around topless (which I didn't do... are you high?), and eat whatever I want for dinner (hmmm... shall I go with the ranch or cheese popcorn flavouring tonight?)

It's super hot, yet my feet are freezing in the AC. The rest of the family is trying to keep cool in whatever body of water they are camped beside and good luck with that. Yes, okay, they are BBQing steaks but I'm eating my popcorn in front of The Bachelorette. So take that, happy campers.


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