Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nothing cuts like an Enterprise pizza cutter

And I mean that. It was like trying to karate chop the thing, it was so dull, plus it was awkward to hold and I was scared to press too hard. In the end we were just tearing and hacking at it with our knives because in my short-sightedness I threw out the old cutter. Heh.

So while my geeky heart swelled with pride as I opened this wonderful Christmas gift from my sons, it looks like my shiny Star Trek treasure will be on display with the rest of my useless yet delightful nerdy possessions. I'm kind of glad of it too. I can't imagine the dejection I'd feel as I pulled a deformed lump out of the dishwasher where it had been mistakenly placed.  That machine has wrecked more things than it's cleaned. So maybe it's just better this way.

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