Monday, January 21, 2013

I don't have a smartphone

I wish I did but I don't. Audrey and Elliott do, Scott does, but not me. It comes from being an early adopter, I think. I was the first person in the house to get a phone and darn my tender loving care, they rarely break on me. Since 2001 (I know this because my cell service provider keeps track... yes, I'm loyal too) I've had three phones. Yes, only three. So until my phone falls apart in my hand or falls in the toilet, I'm stuck with my "dumb" phone.

Because of its limited capability, I don't love it. It has phone numbers in it and dials out and that's about it. I rarely give out the number so when it rings I freak out a little thinking it's the school calling to tell me one of the kids is lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs. For some insane reason, it's usually the blood donor clinic calling to set up an appointment. I guess they love them some O positive. My favourite thing about that shitty phone is the cool and amazingly geeky ringtone:

This makes me so happy that I never want to pick it up.

Once I forgot my cell phone at home. I know people who will go all the way back to get theirs but not me. I just don't care. Now, if I'd forgotten my iPod Touch at home, I'd do a u-turn on the highway to go get it. That thing has everything that ever meant anything to me, from baby pictures to grocery lists to the Star Trek movie. Plus my new favourite album (are they still called albums?) by Bruno Mars. "UGH!" (it's from the song).

So do you love your phone? Why or why not?

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