Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm so annoyed right now

I just spent the last half hour deleting obnoxious comments posted to my YouTube channel all from the same loser. I know I invite these comments by posting my business in a public place and I have gotten them in the past but it's never bad enough that I felt the need to delete them. These were videos of Elliott meant mostly for family and friends and the comments were ignorant, bigoted and full of bile. A sample:

On the video I posted of Elliott's first shave:
"nigga aint even got no facial hair and he be shaving"
Classy. And grammatically... creative.

On the same video:
"Elliott is a straight up pussy"
Lovely. And that's not all but I'll spare you.

The "funny" thing about all this, is this douche-nozzle went through all my videos posting ridiculous crap like that. I deleted them all but left one:

On the video of Elliott playing bagpipes he went for me personally:
"Sold out your race for a white man nice"

Hm. I thought about tearing a strip off him, writing the most awesome comeback known to man like "when did they install WiFi in the monkey enclosure at the zoo?". But I think it would be exactly what he wanted. So I went civilised:

"Yes, it IS nice, thanks for noticing. I'm proud of myself and my family, dude. Can you say the same?"

I think it strikes a nice tone of sarcasm (which the troglodyte probably won't get) which is satisfying but doesn't rise to his assholery. I didn't even swear. But nobody better piss me off for the rest of the night. I'm spoiling for a fight.


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