Tuesday, January 8, 2013

At 2:01pm today I was...

Sleeping. The stupid alarm on my iPod woke me up to take this damned picture.

Unfortunately I was trying to get over my first encounter with the flu in 45 years. I was sick, yes, but to be honest I loved staying in bed until 3:30 this afternoon. I didn't eat and I didn't brush my teeth until about 3 but  I certainly did lots of things. I listened to podcasts, pet the cat, thought about stuff (what is the point of that ugly popcorn ceiling?), read brainless magazines, listened to music and dozed off. It was freaking fantastic. Except for the hacking cough and green stuff coming out of my nose, that is.

BTW, I feel better (except for the lingering bark that I can mask with meds... I hope) and I'll be at work bright and early tomorrow. I think everyone should have a bed day like I had. Hold the flu...


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