Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Ooh! It's a late one today. It's about 9pm and I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada. In keeping with the fact that this is my favourite show (of many I have to admit... maybe I should specify favourite dance show), today's search word is "judge".

This post is from 24 February 2006. I titled it "I'm an ill, ill, woman"

Have a great weekend, folks! I'm going to spend mine wondering if Elliott actually remembers he's in a family and didn't just apparate (like the Harry Potter reference?) at cadet camp from nowhere. I mean how hard is it to just pick up a phone? It's been 7 days, people and we haven't heard a thing from that dummy.


PS- Audrey and I are going to see the Harry Potter movie this weekend. Like 80% of the known world. Did you hear the stat that the midnight show last night alone made $25 million? Lordy. Anyway, I want to share the embarrassing fact that I read all 7 books twice and I never got that Diagon Alley (a place they go to or mention in every book) was a play on "diagonally" until I watched the 3rd movie. This past Tuesday. And this is a series geared to children. I thought I'd share.
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