Thursday, July 7, 2011

Such a geek!

Being a geek is totally in fashion right now. Remember when kids with asthma or braces or glasses used to get teased? Now try to find someone without a breathing problem, crooked teeth or wonky eyes. In fact, the other day Audrey said she couldn't wait to get braces so she could get purple elastics. For those of you without a teenaged girl in your life, purple is Justin Bieber's favourite colour. Geeks run the world right now so it wouldn't pay to get on their bad side.

But I have a geek theory. Geeks aren't geeks about everything in their lives and everyone is geeky about something. Take me for instance (and just by reading my blog for any length of time means that you do):

I'm a complete geek about Star Trek. But not all the Star Treks, just The Next Generation. You know, the one with Captain Picard. There was a time while it was still running that I could name the episode before the title even came up and I'd make it a game to know the names of the shuttles they used in each episode. The El-Baz was a particular favourite, showing up in a number of my favourite episodes, namely Time Squared.

So while I can tell you which season a particular episode is from just by the cut of their Starfleet uniforms, I can't figure out how to use Microsoft Excel to save my life. See? Extreme geekery in only one facet of the geek spectrum.

So what about you? What are you geeky about?


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