Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never Wordless Wednesday

I'm in training right now to go to the Dragonboat World Crew Championships in Toronto. As part of our training, our coach has given us a brutal core exercise routine that we need to do every day. After my daily run, I roll out my yoga mat to start my painful self-torture. Until someone sees the mat. In his eyes, it means another interesting place to sprawl. And what can I do? He's the head of the household and he demands satisfaction. And getting a bit of a break from those hellacious crunches makes it a win-win.

In case you are curious, here's my core workout:

Warm up: 
2x10 pushups
Plank hold 2 x 1min 
Side plank hold 30sec x 2 both sides

Abdominal circuit:
No rest in between exercises
1) Centre crunch x 10
2) Table top crunch (knees off floor ) x 10
3) Straight cycle x 10 (shoulders lifted)
4) Leg raises - x10 (shoulders lifted)
5) Cycle with rotation x10 (opposite knee to elbow)
6) V sit rotation with medicine ball

Repeat x 3 with 2 min. max. rest between circuits.

Ouch, am I right? The first time I did it I sneezed hours later and almost peed my pants. 

I wish I was joking.


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