Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm so tired. (Part the first of 4)

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I'm exhausted but happy, happy, happy. Our team went to Toronto with the hopes of getting a pretty sweet t-shirt, loads of wonderful memories and an experience of a lifetime. While we came away with all that stuff, we also won 2 silver medals and a bronze. What?! I know, right? The Dunrobin Dames are ICF Dragonboat World Club Crew Medallists!

I'm still recovering from being out in 40C humidity temps and paddling 13 races over 3 days so I'm not up to going into too much more detail than to say that I'm happy, satisfied and proud of all of us. We did so well!

Silver: 200m Standard (20 seat) Boat, our best time: 53:63
Silver: 500m Standard Boat, our best time: 2:17.79
Bronze: 2000m Standard Boat, our best time (our only time... you can't paddle this brutal race in heats): 10:40.46

Now back to lying on the couch and catching up on shows on my PVR queue.


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