Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toronto (Part the second of 4)

Luckily for us, we only paddled Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Which meant Wednesday night and all day Friday we were free to do whatever we wanted. And as a team of 26 women what else does free time in a new city mean but shopping? And for the 2 men that came with us it meant lots of trailing around and holding stuff. They were stars. This was our favourite store and I think all of us bought something from here.

Toronto is a big city but a bit of a copycat. There is a "walk of fame" on a sidewalk that is just like the one in California except that the plaques look a bit like maple leaves instead of stars.




Oh and the noisy bustling intersection with the busy billboards and big screens?

Hm. Where have I seen that before?

Still, it was a new city to me and it was tons of fun. I'd like to go back with the kids next time. I find it so much fun to see places through the children's eyes.

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