Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time Suck of the Day

So the Emmy nominations came out and I'm not as interested as I should be as an avid tv fan. I love lots of shows and am very very loyal. Once I start watching something, you'll have to cancel it to get me to stop. Which is quite disturbing when you think about how long some shows go for. For instance I've been watching Coronation Street for 21 years (to give me credit, that's out of a possible 50). No sign of ending for that one. I've actually been watching All My Children for longer (over 35 years) but the powers that be decided earlier this year to put me out of my misery and cancel it in the fall. Mixed feelings on that one. Yay to my hour back in the middle of the day, Boo to no more Erica Kane.

Anyway, back to the Emmys. They started a new category a few years ago having to do with choreography. One of my favourite shows ever is So You Think You Can Dance. When the noms came out I went straingt to YouTube with the list to watch all the nominated routines. Oh my hell, these kids really can dance. I spent the better part of the afternoon, not only watching the nominated videos but favourites from seasons past. That "suggestions" strip should be disabled. I wanted to embed this one but it wouldn't let me. But go see it. It's breath-taking.

So now that I've emerged from my fog of dancing and cat videos (I got distracted and clicked on a video of a cat using an iPad and lost another 45 minutes watching kittens playing piano)

Anyway, my day is pretty much done. Oh, the life of leisure. I have to make dinner and go to dragonboat, then it's time for bed. So thanks YouTube for helping me waste another lovely summer day.

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