Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday

Good evening, all!

I've decided to embrace the fact that I can only get to the computer late in the day. I hope this doesn't inconvenience you in any way. Actually, if the numbers are anything to go by, I've lost about 30 daily readers since what I'm calling the unpleasantness (that I'll never explain here... it was personal) so it won't bother as many of you as it would have a month ago. Anyway, onto the flashback...

I'm watching Iron Chef right now and the the word that stuck out was chips. By the way, I'm not sure why I watch this show. The challengers never win and usually the "secret ingredient" is something I find gross like eggs or mussels. But since I got the food network at Christmastime, I've been addicted to everything on their schedule. I could watch them pour milk on Rice Krispies, it all looks so sexy and delicious. Anyway, this was the blog that amused me when I plugged "chips" into the search box:

Where the eff are my chocolate chips? From January 2010.

Have a great weekend!


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