Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, it is going to be more wordy than usual because I forgot to write a blog yesterday. So here goes...

Get a load of this.

It's the biggest moth I've ever seen that wasn't pinned to a display at the Museum of Nature. This prehistoric monster was found at my canoe club on the weekend. My real life friends know that I have an irrational fear of moths. Yes, I know they don't bite or sting. Yes, I know they are "beautiful". Yes, I know they pollinate pretty, pretty flowers... And I'm not afraid of butterflies. But moths? Even the teeny ones? No thanks. I said it was irrational, didn't I? But honestly, anyone would be freaked out by Moth-Ra here.

I was so petrified that I had to use the zoom lens to take the above picture from 8 feet away. It had a torn wing and wasn't going anywhere but I didn't want to take any chances. Every time it flapped (besides the breeze I felt), my blood pressure rose and I had to fight turning tail and running away like I was on fire. But I was still so fascinated I couldn't look away.

Someone had taken pity on it and put it on a plate and gave it some food in what we call the "can". It's like an office where the phone, stationery and other things are kept. I was volunteering that day and kept having to go in and out past the beast. Every time someone needed a pen or a piece of paper I'd inch by with my back against the wall keeping my eye on it until I got what I wanted. It was as if it was holding a gun on me. So ridiculous. Sometimes I'd get so hypnotised by it that I'd just stare until someone came by and snapped me out of it. Once it even took nearly getting hit in the head by a swinging kayak to bring me to my senses. I suspect that that's how they kill things. By stupefying their victims so they walk into traffic or something. I'm no freaking entomologist. And I never will be.


*** Remembering to blog at a normal time = (will be) AWESOME! ***
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