Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Diva!

As of 9:00 this morning, 2/3 of my children are teenagers. Audrey turns 13 today. I'm kept busy preparing for her "party" which is no more than a sleepover with gifts. Kids her age just want to "hang out" so gone are the days of me planning a theme for weeks and spending hundreds on a related party complete with matching cake and loot bags. The year she had a garden party I was run ragged making cucumber sandwiches on homemade bread and fondant covered petit fours for each little girl. I made special loot bags containing real china teacups and saucers (from the Salvation Army), and plants from the garden centre topped off with a craft where they decorated the flowerpots then planted the flowers themselves. Whew. Damn my hatred of cheap-ass candy/toy loot bags.

This year she's hosting 5 friends in a tent in the backyard. First they'll go to the local pool then back here for pizza, chips, pop and cake. Then a movie, some sleep (hopefully) and breakfast of bacon and eggs. Easy (and cheap). Apparently there is an upside to having teens.

So here's to my amazing, bright, funny, moody and weird teenage daughter. She takes after her mother in every way. I love you baby girl!

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