Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday, all!

I'm in another great mood. I don't know if it's the great jog I had with Scott this morning, the illicit nap I took afterwards, the fact that my schedule for the day is completely clear or the Strongbow I'm drinking but I'm loving life right now.

This week I have 2 dragonboat practices (plus a festival on Saturday), Audrey's 13th birthday on Friday and most worryingly a staff party for a job I don't even start until the end of August. I'm so anxious that I even asked Scott for fashion advice**.

I won't know anyone there except my new boss and the women I met on the floor the day I went for a visit, most of whose names I don't even remember. Yikes. That night I'll have to eat and socialize with them. I'll have to make small talk and maybe even big talk. I'll have to be on my very best behaviour and be pretty much perfect. Heh heh heh... noooo problem. [picture me smiling an uneasy smile and wiping a sheen of sweat off my brow]

I just want to make a good impression, you know? I want them to see me that night and say "Wow, we made the perfect decision by choosing her." I only wish I hadn't done this to my nails over the weekend:

They are nail stickers. I would take them off but they are sooo expensive. Besides if they are going to get to know the real me, at some point they have to learn that I sometimes do nutty things. Just sometimes, mind you.


**I have to mention that his advice was solid. He told me to wear black pants and a nice top.
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